Spirals By Steve

Here is a new method for making shells that opens up many possibilities not possible with old technique.  It is different in almost every way except that both methods require wooden wedges to cut the parts from.  This new way uses paper patterns like most other scroll saw projects.  Coming soon, I will have plans available for more kinds of shells including conical spirals, conch, snail, whelk, and more variations of my favorite - the ammonite.  Watch the video below, and then get started making your own after you purchase the pdf file which includes patterns and instructions.  The patterns are very easy to cut with a spiral blade - you can also use a flat blade, but that will require more shaping because a spiral blade cuts the segments to a shape much closer to the finished shape.  The patterns let you choose a shell diameter from less than 3" diameter to 16" diameter.  My shell shown above and in the video measures just under 9" diameter, and 2.5" wide.
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