About Me

I have been interested in woodworking since the early 1990's.  I like to do things my own way and I am self-taught.  More than anything else, I like to invent new techniques and use them to make things that are unique. Before I started doing this I worked many jobs including: geologist, machinist, land surveyor, pattern maker, construction, millwright, and other miscellaneous jobs.  Sometimes things that I have learned through these jobs show up in my woodwork or techniques.

My work tends to be mathematical, but only some of it I consider "art".  I am interested in spirals, spheres, polyhedrons, and other unusual mathematical stuff.

I do not get pleasure from trying to make my work difficult, instead I like to do things that would seem difficult and find ways to make them easy.  If you tell yourself that something is going to be difficult before you even attempt it then it will be difficult for sure!  

I am also pretty frugal - I like to accomplish tasks using items that I already have if possible.  If I find a way to do something and then streamline the process - then there's a real good chance that my method is also the most cost effective way to accomplish what I want.

I became a member of American Association of Woodturners in May 2011.