What happens when I purchase an eBook? - The process is simple, you'll go through the checkout process and pay through Paypal or Stripe.  A moment later after the payment is made a page will appear with a link to the download.  Click on the link to download your eBook(s) and the file will be saved onto your computer.

I bought Generating Gears In Wood and can not find the dimension calculator, where is it? - One of the emails you got when you made the purchase has login information to a password-protected page.  Go to the login page here and enter the information.

I don't like Paypal, is there another way I can buy your eBooks? - Yes, I have added a new credit card payment option through Stripe.  If you live in the USA you can also snail-mail a check or money order and I will send the files when it clears at the bank.  I have also been able to cash money orders from Canada, but not checks.

Do you make and sell custom gears? - Yes, I have done this before for people living in the USA.  Email me for more information.

Do you teach workshops? - I have in the past, but not lately.  It has to be fairly close to where I live (northwest Arkansas).

Are your instructions easy to follow? - I think so.  Every now and then I get emails asking for help because they don't understand something in one of my eBooks.  When this happens I ask them for photos of what they are stuck on and help them understand.  I've never had anyone give up and was unable to catch on.  I am never a jerk or condescending to people.  I live my life by the golden rule and treat people the way I would want them to treat me.  Sometimes I am away from home and might take a few days to respond.

Do you sell your work in galleries? - Yes, at Destinations Gallery in Branson, Missouri.