Spirals By Steve

This video is a summary of how to build a Truncated Icosahedron (aka Soccer Ball) using this method I invented.  I would like for you to download the instructions so you can build your own jig and make one or two so you can see for yourself how precise it can be.  These can be left with flat faces, or you can turn them into spheres on a lathe holding them between a pair of cup centers.  Download the PDF file here.
You'll need a few things from Amazon and I have affiliate links to get a small commission from your purchases.  That's fair right?

Like I have been doing with my shell patterns, I now have my first pattern available of a more decorative polyhedron.  I named this one "Cherry Blossom" because it has 5-petal flowers made of cherry and surrounded by maple hexagons.  It has 120 faces that are irregular pentagons and hexagons, and it measures a little over 5" in diameter.  I could have made it into a sphere, but I like the flat faces too.  It has 7 different bevel angles, but the gauge I show how to make makes it easy to set each one.  I'll be adding more designs soon.
Buy your copy of Cherry Blossom.  This PDF file will be much like the file at the top of this page for the truncated icosahedron with complete instructions, and patterns.  Watch the video at the top of this page to see what all is involved.  $20