Box-Jointed Tiles

Box joints are similar to finger joints, but the difference is that finger joints are tapered making them easier to assemble.  Precision is required for box joints with just the right amount of friction to stay together without glue.  They would not be as much fun to play with if you had to glue them together permanently to keep them from falling back apart.  

I have released an eBook with complete instructions on how to make your own box jointed tiles.  To make them you'll need a table saw and a simple router table.  You'll also need an electric drill of some sort, preferably a drill press.  You will also need to be able to do basic drafting with a program such as Draft Sight or Autocad.  I use the free version of Draft Sight which can be downloaded here.  Click the button below to add this eBook to your cart.  The eBook will be delivered as a PDF file that you should download to your computer, and you can also print it on your own printer.  You'll also get an automated email containing a link to download the file.  This item may be included in my multi-item discount which is automatically applied at checkout time.  The price is $24.99.  Each additional eBook bought at the same time will be $5 off.

An article written by George Hart about my box-jointed tiles.